The Audi Elaine

Brimming with new technology, the Audi Elaine concept study showcases a world of future possibilities.

The exterior may look familiar from its recent debut at Shanghai, but the technology is new – and very far reaching.

12 September, 2017

In May this year, Audi presented the Audi e-tron Sportback design study and technology demonstrator at Auto Shanghai in China. The Frankfurt vehicle shares its body line, electric drive and its distinctive exterior lighting but offers up a raft of new technology.

Given its size – 4.9m long, 1.98m wide and standing 1.53m tall – the Elaine is destined for the C segment, not far from the Audi Q7.

For its drive, the Audi Elaine uses a configuration that Audi will use in future production models with all-electric drive. This is made up of one electric motor on the front axle and two on the rear, the Elaine produces 320kW of power – which can reach 370kW in the boost mode – launching the Elaine from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds, and with a range in excess of 500 kilometres.

Highly automated with Audi AI
Setting the Audi Elaine apart from the Shanghai show car are numerous functions that push the envelope for piloted driving and assistance systems, and in a few years will also extend the scope of Audi AI in production models. The Audi Elaine can serve its owner as a highway pilot, relieving the burden on the driver over extended distances. The highway pilot is an extension of the traffic jam pilot in the A8 and allows piloted driving at speeds from 60 to 130km/h, which in most countries is the maximum permissible speed. When the highway pilot is active, the Audi Elaine changes lanes automatically – it can pass and then return to the original lane, for example. It can initiate, perform and complete such actions autonomously, without any involvement of the person behind the wheel. If the driver does want to intervene, they can do so spontaneously at any time.

"The Audi Elaine uses a configuration that Audi will use in future production models with all-electric drive."

"Customers of the premium brand will soon be able to save time and enjoy greater convenience in Audi AI Zones."


Audi AI Zone
With the Audi AI zone, the driver parks the Audi in a designated area (the handover zone) and exits the vehicle. From there, the car drives automatically and unoccupied into a multi-story parking garage offering a variety of services, such as a car wash or a charging post. The intelligent Audi can even locate an unmarked parking space on the side of the road and pull precisely into it. At the desired time, the vehicle is back in the handover zone, ready for its next journey. Drivers can follow the actions of their vehicle at all times and even add new tasks using an app. Customers of the premium brand will soon be able to save time and enjoy greater convenience in Audi AI Zones. 

Endless possibilities
A raft of assistance system are made possible in the future, with PIA – personal intelligent assistant – which combines data intelligently with other cars, learns the driver’s preferences and gleans information from the internet to assist with everything from music selection, traffic data and even climate control. Or Car-to-X technology, which offers real-time communication between cars and with the infrastructure, for greater safety, comfort and efficiency. Or Audi Fit Driver which makes the Audi Elaine concept vehicle an empathetic companion thanks to a wearable device on the driver’s wrist which provides the car with data about the most important vital signs, such as body temperature and heart rate. If Audi Fit Driver detects increased stress or fatigue, for example, the vehicle systems adapt themselves accordingly in a relaxing, a vitalising or a protective manner. Whether it be relaxing breathing exercises, energising seat massage functions or special climate control functions, the objective of Audi Fit Driver is a driving experience optimally tuned to the driver’s condition. Drivers should be more relaxed when they get out of the car than when they got in.