Come with Candide Thovex and Audi behind the scenes of what is one of the most extraordinary films you’ll ever see. And yes, it’s all real.

22 March, 2019

In a world where there’s so much to question and treat with scepticism, it’s supremely refreshing to find something that’s absolutely real. Many of those who watched the last collaboration between Candide Thovex and Audi where simply so blown away that they refused to accept that it was real.

I mean how could it be? A celebrated freestyle skier, racing through jungles, down rocky desert slopes (sans snow) and even down the Great Wall of China on skies? It’s hardly surprising that many had difficulty in coming to terms with the fact that it could actually be done without the help of computer enhancement. Well, they were wrong.

The result of months and months of location scouting and then the even greater grind of setting up each shot and then giving the Frenchman time to learn the lines (physical rather than spoken in this case) and then capture that perfect shot.

Nine months of intensive scouting and research and then more than three months at each location, painstakingly capturing each shot before even considering the editing process.

Across the globe, from Turkey to Wales, Iran to China and a host of locations in between – the cope of this project even before you see it is absolutely mind blowing.

The talent, vision and endurance of the camera teams and support teams is only bested by Candide Thovex himself and the extraordinary talent he has on skis.

That even he isn’t perfect is captured behind the scenes as well, but at the end of the day, there are few with the talent or the intestinal fortitude to even try this – never mind actually pull it off. Behold ‘the skier man’.