Unveiled to the world just last week, the Audi urbansphere concept brought potential customers into the design process for the very first time – breaking the mould in more ways than one.

27 April, 2022

Audi Design Head, Marc Lichte calls it a ‘space ship on wheels’ – a complete departure by the brand in terms of design and application. With the urbansphere concept, for the first time, Audi also sought input from potential customers, actively involving them throughout the design process and implementing their various thoughts and wishes into the finished product.

The details abound in a vehicle that is as much an extension of the living space as it is a, well, …vehicle. 

Designed not only to get you from A to B in absolute luxury, the Audi urbansphere concept seeks to give back time to its occupants – time to relax, work or be entertained,– rather than just sitting back watching the world go by on their way to their destination.

The title details abound, from an Audi concierge designed to help you integrate all aspects of your life in this central location, to a special relaxation mode to help derive maximum benefit from riding in the urbansphere.

Eye-tracking technology to facilitate easy operation of on-board systems and even a subtle, Zen garden pattern in the carpet and interior lighting concept – all designed to create a harmonious, peaceful environment in which to reconnect with self during every journey.