With only 20 percent of our lives really there to live, it’s time to get out and make every second count.

16 August, 2019

Life, as the great saying goes, is not a dress rehearsal. From the second we’re born the clock starts ticking, yet it is only the wise and the driven who make full use of the time we have to work with.

For the likes of Daniel Art and Lucas di Grassi – Audi Sport drivers and combatants in the FIA Formula E Championship – success is measured in mere seconds and even fractions of seconds, so they fall squarely into the category that prize every tick of the clock. Given we have around 2,491,344,000 seconds to play with in life – take out the essentials and the time we have to truly pursue our passions is more like 49,826,880 seconds – or 20 percent.

The clock is ticking – time to get out, put your foot down and make every second count.