In the movies

Audi’s many starring roles.

With an impressive list of big screen appearances to its credit, these days Audi is as comfortable on the red carpet as it is on the race tracks of the world. Well, almost…

20 October, 2015

Audi is no stranger to the big screen. In fact, the brand has had more than its fair share of top billing in some of the biggest films of the modern age.

Internationally, Audi has long enjoyed a close association with the film industry, both supporting film festivals around the world as well as individual artists – and of course developing special vehicles specifically for individual film projects as well as supplying ‘standard’ vehicles for a range of films.

From the futuristic RSQ developed specifically for the 2004 film I, Robot starring Will Smith, to the Audi Fleet Shuttle quattro designed for the blockbuster, Enders Game starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Harrison Ford, Audi has always been very comfortable in the limelight and sharing the screen with the biggest stars in the world.

When Robert Downey Jnr first breathed life into the character of Iron Man, aka Tony Stark, the only car that would do for the character was the Audi R8. In the sequel the Audi R8 Spyder took over as Stark’s car of choice, and then the R8 e-tron continued the theme in Iron Man III and on into the Avengers franchise.

The list of Audi film appearances is long and distinguished, from the incomparable car chase in Ronin, to appearances in Mission Impossible II, The Transporter films, 50 Shades of Grey, Robot and Frank, The Wolverine and Hitman, to name just a fraction of Audi’s movie roles.

In addition to the screen credits, Audi numbers some of Hollywood’s biggest names as supporters of the brand, while Audi Australia’s ambassador program includes Hugh Jackman, Richard Roxburgh and now, of course, Chris Hemsworth as film ambassadors.

Audi Australia has also lent its support to promoting film through partnerships with Australian film festivals, and has for the past eight years presented the Audi Festival of German Films in Australia, highlighting the outstanding work of German film makers, directors, writers and of course actors each year.

Audi Australia has also thrown its support behind a number of Australian film productions, supplying vehicles for the cast and crew of Romulus My Father starring Eric Bana and directed by Richard Roxburgh, as well as to visiting stars Robert De Niro and Jason Statham while they were filming The Killer Elite in Melbourne.

In 2016, the Matt Saville-directed A Month of Sundays will open, starring Anthony LaPaglia – a film project shot in South Australia in 2015 and also supported by Audi Australia.

From an exciting, though ultimately bruising appearance in the opening sequence of Skyfall, to even more bruising encounters in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and a host of other appearances, the badge with the four rings is a undoubtedly a screen favourite with a passion for the red carpet.