So relaxing is the rear massage seat in the Audi A8 L that you will always suggest that the driver takes the longest route possible to wherever you’re going.

1 March, 2022

For some, relaxation in a car means getting behind the wheel and tackling a favourite piece of road. For others it’s a soothing trip in the country with a favourite soundtrack playing on the Bang & Olufsen 3D sound system. Of course both of these scenarios are possible with the Audi A8 L, but there is another, exclusive feature available in this luxurious car that must surely rank as the very epitome of automotive relaxation.

The seat relaxation seat, as the name suggests, is a seat in the rear of the car (on the left side for Australian customers) that offers arguably the most comprehensive massage function available on four wheels.

While massage functions in Audi seating is not new, the way it is used in the rear of the A8 L takes it to the next level. The back of the front passenger's seat folds down electronically to create a foot rest that is not only heated but also features a unique food massage feature as well. Eight pneumatic air cushions work on the soles of your feet, with three adjustable intensity levels available as well as two programs providing a large-area reflexology massage.

Meanwhile, as you recline in the sumptuous back seat, another 18 pneumatic air cushions massage the rest of you – working on you entire back and shoulders. Using the removable rear seat remote control you can select from eight different programs and three intensities depending on the day you’re having and the amount of stress you need to deal with.

All the while you can catch up on your viewing time using the 10.1-inch screens on the back of the front seats – taking in a movie or you favourite series – while the massage functions do their magic.

As far as immersive in-car relaxation goes, there’s nothing quite like it, and it will ensure not only that you arrive at your destination completely relaxed, but you will find more often that not, that you will take the longest route possible to prolong the journey.