Luxury reborn

The jewell of Kangaroo Island, Southern Ocean Lodge reopens.

One of the country’s most celebrated and luxurious lodges has made a long-awaited return after it was destroyed in the devastating fires of 2020.

15 December, 2023

This new version of the property captures all of the magic of the original and incorporates a number of changes and improvements

Four years after it was completely destroyed by bushfire, Southern Ocean Lodge on stunning Kangaroo Island has once again opened for business. It’s the result of blood, sweat and plenty of tears that started after the original lodge – celebrated around the world – was burnt to the ground in the 2020 bushfires that ravaged so much of the country.

This new version of the property captures all of the magic of the original which opened back in 2008, but also incorporates a number of changes and improvements, following the painstaking recreation process that saw the original architect, Max Pritchard and his team, brought in to imagine the property anew.

Despite the heartbreak of the fire, starting again from scratch was never in doubt and approaching it from the most positive viewpoint, offered up a chance to make it even better, according to Baillie Lodges co-founder, James Baillie.

“With the benefit of hindsight and learning, we saw the chance to rebuild Southern Ocean Lodge as a special chance to return the property that seemed to touch so many guests over the years and with some considered additions to take her to a next generation traveler and a sustainable future,” Baillie said of the newly opened lodge. 

Occupying much the same footprint as the original, Southern Ocean Lodge 2.0 again spreads out along the limestone cliffs overlooking Hanson Bay on South Australia’s Kangaroo Island. The suites, now numbering 23, have been redesigned and each feature private deck, EcoSmart fireplace and a sink-in bathtub. Even the aspect of the suites has been changed on this iteration of the lodge to make the most of the jaw-dropping views of the Southern Ocean that lends the property its name.

The new lodge also features a wet-edge pool, redesigned spa, gym, sauna and hot and cold plunge pools, while the site of the original spa is now a sprawling suite – the Ocean Pavilion – separate to the main building that accommodates up to eight people.

The property’s celebrated cellar is significantly larger than before and now features its own private dining room for eight people. The central Great Room remains the heart of the Southern Ocean Lodge 2.0 and is virtually unchanged from the original. This elegant, sunken living room with its floor-to-ceiling glass, unrivalled views and suspended fireplace was, and is, an absolute masterpiece.

The central Great Room remains true to the original – an absolute masterpiece

New and returning guests will be swept away by the experience that awaits them

In addition to the return of the original architectural team, many of the former partnerships which were integral to the original lodge have been part of the rebuild, while local suppliers, artisans and many of the original staff also return to the reborn property.

Returning guests will be well aware of the exacting standards, superb local produce on offer and all-encompassing luxury that make up the lodge. New guests will be swept away by the experience that awaits them.

“We have a chance now to show the world the incredible depth and diversity of the regional Southern Australia and Kangaroo Island offering as its stands today and into the future,” said Baillie co-founder, Hayley Baillie.

“We're looking forward to working in rewarding partnerships with local communities once again.” 

That the reopening of this iconic property has been so eagerly anticipated for so long is testament to the very special place the original occupied at the very pinnacle of Australia’s luxury offerings and the new Southern Ocean Lodge promises not only to meet but to exceed that standard.

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