A lot goes into the making of a major advertising campaign, particularly something with so many moving parts like Audi’s spot in this year’s Super Bowl.

18 February, 2020

It’s all over in about as minute, but the work that goes into producing the finished product is gargantuan. 

The Audi spot for this year’s Super Bowl LIV, involved a musical concept, with an English actress driving the new Audi e-tron Sportback while singing the massive hit from Disney’s Frozen, ‘Let It Go’. This particular piece also marked the start of a completely new global brand campaign for Audi and premiered in front of the biggest viewing audience for a live event on earth. So no pressure then.

When Game of Thrones star, Maisie Williams, signed on to do the Audi spot, she didn’t realise just what would be involved in creating her own version of the Disney classic. Initial excitement turned to mild concern as she realised the song itself was one of the hardest to sing and the fact that she would be recording at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London with a full orchestra, added to both the excitement and nerves.

But if there was any pressure of knowing that the finished product would be seen by a world view audience of over 100 million people, Williams certainly didn’t show it. The consummate professional, the 22-year-old actor absolutely nailed it, and managed to have a laugh in the process. Pressure – what pressure?