Specialist Australian aftermarket automotive brand, THE-LOWDOWN.com, have plans to add their own touches to the awesome Audi RS 6 Avant.

Courtesy THE LOWDOWN.com

27 August, 2020

So, you’ve taken delivery of a brand new Audi RS 6 Avant – one of the great performance cars on the road – now it’s time to point that aggressive front end at the horizon and experience for yourself just what makes a car like this tick. That is unless you’re Australian aftermarket specialists THE-LOWDOWN.com which has secured one of these highly specialised RS models recently released Down Under and is now in the process of executing a raft of changes to make its model a one-off.

Some might say why mess with perfection, but to THE-LOWDOWN.com it’s about taking this acknowledged supercar and giving it a special one-off treatment.

In the process, THE-LOWDOWN.com is producing a mini-series to air on its social media channels documenting the transformation of this incredibly desirable car.
This dramatic build will be filmed and released as a two-part series so that the firm’s more than 1.5 million social media followers and any other car aficionados can see the work take place and ultimately see the finished product put through its paces – in the snow! 

That’s right, the culmination of the project will see the RS 6 Avant hit the white, slippery stuff for a test drive with a difference.

"We're honoured to receive one of the new Audi RS 6 Avant models, especially when there's such an incredibly limited number coming to Australia this year,” says Jason Hanif, managing director for THE-LOWDOWN.com

“The RS 6 Avant is everything it shouldn’t be. It tracks like a race car and is enormously intimidating from all angles, but with the practicality of the humble wagon.”
“Recently taking pole position as the world’s most instagrammed car, with 5,161,000 unique mentions on instagram, we’re looking forward to our mini-series adding a few more mentions." 

"We intend to give the RS 6 Avant THE-LOWDOWN.com’s traditional treatment … we’re working with some of the best and most trusted automotive aftermarket companies to make this happen and we're incredibly excited to show the automotive community the end result." 

Partnering with a host of leading automotive brands including Michelin, Brixton Forged, Thule and Akrapovic, THE-LOWDOWN.com plan to make Project RS 6 its biggest yet, having previously completed similar projects with other vehicles that have attracted more than three million views.