Film maker and influencer, Sam Evans, is spending his 'down time' in isolation revisiting some of his many journeys and planning for the day he can get back on the road again.

3 September, 2020

While isolation and the numerous COVID-inspired restrictions present an array of challenges for us all, when you’re livelihood and lifestyle are centred around international travel, the lockdown bites so much deeper.
For filmmaker Sam Evans, that enforced time at home has allowed him the time to venture back over his travels through the many images and hours of footage he has amassed in. His travels to date. A time to relive memories and reflect on what has past and what remains over the horizon.

Audi Magazine: What inspired this particular project?
Sam Evans: When COVID-19 hit and we went into lockdown, as a travel filmmaker, 100 percent of my work and travel plans were cancelled. This presented the perfect opportunity to settle in at home, a rare situation in my line of work, and I decided to drag out all my hard drives from the last four years and go through the 40 terabytes of footage I'd accumulated. As I dug through all my content, I started to get some serious travel withdrawals. So I decided to channel that energy into creating something that evoked hope and inspired people to see the bigger picture and have something to look forward to. 

How do you approach a project like this as the world is shifting?
In a time where our situation changes daily, it's important to not only be flexible, but patient.

Of your Audi travels what’s the most memorable one to date?

In 2018, Audi Australia gave me the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Austria and participate in their Ice Driving Experience. We spent a few days in Ingolstadt where we visited the Audi HQ and were taken on a factory tour, and were shown the process of manufacturing an RS 3 from start to finish. The level of detail and precision just blew me away and gave me a whole new level of appreciation for a brand which I thought I already knew so well. But the icing on the cake was being thrown the keys to an S5 Sportback and learning how to send it sideways on a pristinely groomed icefield in the middle of the breathtaking Austrian Alps.

For budding videographers, how long did it take you to put this video together?
I started the process of sifting through footage around six months ago, and was chipping away at it right up until the day I released it. The beauty of creating something like this for myself was that I didn't have a client chasing me for the delivery – nobody was expecting it. This meant I could really take my time and experiment with different creative approaches.

What inspires you to keep driving forward and progressing?
It's been really cool to witness how the world has adapted in the last six months. I am inspired daily by businesses from all different industries pivoting and refocusing their direction. This has inspired me to look at my own business model and utilise my audience online. Around the same time I started concepting Reflections from Isolation, I decided to create an online masterclass that dives deep into my creative process when it comes to editing video. Whilst editing my most recent video, I documented every step of the way and this evolved into a five-hour online course which I now sell on my website. It's been great to explore the passive income model and connect with my audience on a much deeper and personal level.

What next for Sam Evans?
Being a traveller at heart, I am counting down the days until it is safe to start adventuring again. However instead of travelling abroad, I am excited to explore my own backyard and set out on as many road trips as I can. I can't wait to experience this incredibly beautiful country I call home sitting behind the Four Rings.

If there’s one thing you’d want people to take away after watching the video, what would it be?
This too shall pass and when the dust settles, this beautiful world around us will still be there. My aim is to give people a new found gratitude and appreciation for the world around us, and that when we emerge, we will be stronger not only as individuals but as humans.