Twin Cup

The Australian technical team tests its mettle against the Audi world’s best.

Now in its 14th year, the Audi Twin Cup tests the skills of Audi service and technical teams from all over the globe.

20 August, 2018

Saalfelden in the Austrian Alps is a breathtaking location, but for Audi service and technical teams from around the globe, the scenery took second place to a serious competition held recently in the stunning locale. 

In 2018, the finals of the 14th Audi Twin Cup took place in the picturesque Austrian town – the culmination of national competitions in Audi markets all around the world to put forward their best service and technical experts to compete for pride and the coveted Twin Cup awards.

Nearly 2500 teams from Audi dealers in 34 countries took part in their own national competitions to find their best and brightest to take to the finals. 

In Australia, more than 300 technicians and specialists from each of the disciplines – technical and service – took part in two online rounds to arrive at the top nine participants from each discipline. These finalists then came together to undertake a series of practical tests – the top three performers from service and technical ultimately selected to become Team Australia 2018.

After the stringent national competition, it was off to Austria to face off against their counterparts from around the globe. A total of 67 international teams came together over a two day event to be tested in a series of supervised practical problems devised by the judging panel to examine everything from service best practice, to diagnosing hidden problems and then demonstrating their proficiency in carrying out the appropriate repairs according to Audi’s strict specifications. 

After the stringent national competition, it was off to Austria to face off against their counterparts from around the globe

This is the third consecutive year that Australia has produced a podium finish


With constantly changing automotive technology across the Audi range of vehicles, technicians had to be across the full fleet, with problems and defects created by a judging panel well versed in the range and hell bent on getting the best from the finalists. The technical inspection and guided troubleshooting for features like the 360 degree camera system for example, putting the technical skill and precision of the teams to the test. 

After two days of intensive testing, the judges retired to consider their verdict and the teams had the opportunity for some well-earned time off.

With the scores totaled and tallied, the winners were announced at a gala event, with Team Australia’s Technical representatives on the world podium in third position outright.

This is the third consecutive year that Australia has produced a podium finish, with the Technical team achieving third position in 2016 and the Service Team finishing second in 2017.

“It’s gratifying to consistently be at the top of the rankings,” says Jerome Figuiere, Aftersales Director at Audi Australia.

“The customer confidence that comes with outstanding service and technical excellence can’t be overstated, so competitions of this type help to reinforce to our customers how seriously we take this in Australia,” he said.

“The aim is to be the best,” says Brad Bowerman, Technical and Service Manager at Audi Australia. “The result this year was well deserved, and establishes the goal for next year to go back to the competition and win.”

Congratulations to all of the national participants who took part and to Team Australia for again flying the flag high.

Team Australia (pictured below from left to right) Dirk Koethe (Audi AG), Andreas Prediger (Audi AG), Anthony Lam (Service Team), Mark Sandilant (Service Team), Natasha Wittmaack (Service Team), Brad Bowerman (Technical and Service Manager, Audi Australia), Jerome Figuiere (Aftersales Director, Audi Australia), James Weaver (technology), Chris Thomas (technology), Mahendra (technology), evening emcee.