Precision driving and synchronised moves, but not in a way you’d expect to show off a car’s prowess.

27 June, 2019

The brief to UK agency BBH was to showcase how the Audi DNA runs right through the entire model family, and the result was synchronised swimming? Not necessarily an obvious choice until you see the film by award-winning Johnny Hardstaff, that shows an Audi A7 Sportback and its smaller sibling, the Audi A1 Sportback, matching it move for move in a perfectly executed synchronised swimming routine, and then it all makes sense.

“Our task was to demonstrate that when Audi makes a small car, it isn’t a compromise, says Chief Creative Officer of BBH London, Ian Heartfield. “We soon realised that the best way to tell this story was to ignore the competitors and only compare ourselves with ourselves.”

The show two very different Audi models side by side then, the analogy of a pool and matching each other move for move works beautifully.

“There is no greater example of two entities matching each other’s moves perfectly than a pair of synchronised swimmers. Swapping two people for an A7 & an A1 seemed like a compelling way to make the point that Audi DNA runs through the whole model range,” says Heartfield.

So, with that concept agreed, it was just a matter of filling a pool up to wading depth and working out an appropriate routine? Well, there was a little more to it than that…