Audi on demand

With the world changing so rapidly, so too the way people use vehicles is changing and Audi is looking at a range of user options for the future.

Consumer needs are changing rapidly, and in many markets, the need to own a car could well change the way we look at personal transportation. Audi is already looking at how best to service the change in different markets across the world.

15 August, 2017

Owning a car of your own has long been a rite of passage in Australia, but in many markets across the world, particularly in mega cities, that trend is fast changing.

In different markets around the globe, more and more people are using the available public transport system alongside conventional taxis services such as Uber and car sharing. The fast availability and high level of flexibility for which these services are noted have given rise to an exciting business segment and Audi is playing an increasing role here with innovative premium mobility offers. 

At the recent Audi Summit in Barcelona, Audi demonstrated solutions for those who wish to use the latest Audi models in a flexible way – when and wherever they want. The company is working on a number of different platforms that will appeal and work in different environments with different needs. Audi select, allows the customer to choose between up to the three different models in a year for an all-inclusive rate; with Audi at home, a mobility solution for upscale living in megacities; with Audi shared fleet, an intelligent company car management system; and with Audi on demand, a premium mobility service with billing by the hour and guaranteed rental of a specific model. 

In future, all these services will be bundled together and offered under the Audi on demand product brand. Audi is aiming to have its range of mobility services present in 15 markets around the world by 2020, with Audi on demand soon to launch in China, likewise in the US while additional locations and markets will likewise be added in Europe by 2018. 

How, when and if a variation of these platforms would work in Australia is yet to be explored, but innovation and is at the heart of Audi, and future mobility a key pillar of the brand, so nothing is impossible.

Audi is playing an increasing role here with innovative premium mobility offers