Audi Super 90

A stunning example of a classic from the brand’s past.

Beautifully photographed for the pages of Australian classic car magazine, Retromotive, this pristine Audi Super 90 represents a key progression in the brand’s evolution.

Nathan Duff

23 March, 2020

This particular example is one of just 368 right-hand-drive models exported from Germany to Australia

Released back in 1967, the Audi Super 90 (F103) was a significant new model for the Audi brand at the time and is now considered something of a rarity for collectors. On release it brought together luxury and performance in a visually strong body style, as well as offering a level of technical specification not commonly found on vehicles of the time.

The example you see beautifully photographed here is one of just 368 right-hand-drive models exported from Germany to Australia. 

Despite its age, this car is a verified two owner example, its first owner buying the car new for what was at the timely a significant amount of money. The car ended up being garaged for 20 years as the original owner resisted offers from enthusiasts to buy it, until eventually space restrictions meant he had to reluctantly part company with his prized Audi.

The vehicle’s second and current owner performed an extensive restoration on the Super 90, painstakingly restoring it to ‘as new’ condition, soaring parts from Germany over a long period to ensure its authenticity throughout.

Lovingly resprayed, the interior retried and the trim re-chromed, the Audi Super 90 is a stunning example, capturing an important chapter in the company’s past. With its 1.8-litre longitudinally mounted engine, it delivered 90 brake horsepower at 5200rpm ( or around 67kW in today’s money), giving the handsome four seater a claimed top speed of 101mph – or a little over 160km/h in the metric. Serious performance figures for the time.

Power was harnessed by a four-speed manual transmission sourced from Porsche and drive was through the front wheels. The Audi Super 90 also featured disc brakes on the front to deal with the significant, which was another rarity in a production car at the time. 

Our thanks to Retromotive magazine for sharing these stunning images of this standout example with us. To read the full feature, visit Retromotive magazine.