A vehicle that was ahead of its time when it was launched back in the late 1960s, this Audi Super 90 continues to turn heads thanks to the loving attention of one dedicated collector.

Shannons Insurance

15 September, 2021

With its longitudinally mounted 1.8-litre engine developing around 67kW at 5200rpm, the Audi Super 90 was good for a top speed of 160km/h when the model was released back in 1967. These were impressive performance figures for the day and will still see you handing over your licence if you happened to test the top speed claim today.

In the late 1960s though, there was more to the handsome Super 90 than just straight-line speed. With its four-speed, column-mounted transmission and front disc brakes at a time when drums were the norm, it was aimed at the executive of the time. A beautifully finished premium car with plenty of performance and handling into the bargain.

Just 369 right-hand-drive examples of the Audi Super 90 found their way to Australia and this immaculately restored version now residing in Victoria perfectly captures the models at its very best.

Early last year we featured Vlad Vereshchagin’s stunning 1968 Audi Super 90 in Audi Magazine and now  this classic Audi and its owner have become the subject of an episode in the outstanding Shannons’ DRIVEN series.