Planning is already underway to see in Season Seven of the FIA Formula E Championship even with COVID restrictions still impacting world sport and travel.

21 August, 2020

It finished with a flourish and an intensive six race program held over just nine days, but despite the monumental challenges posed by COVID-19, the FIA Formula E Season for 2019/20 was completed successfully and now the teams and organisers have their sights set on 2020/21.

A provisional program has already been released outlining a 14 race series starting in November and running until July 2021.

The seventh season of the FIA Formula E championship is set to see races run in no less than 12 cities around the world, subject to track homologation and obviously the ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19 restrictions on travel.

The teams too are working hard to prepare for the new season, with Audi revealing the new design elements of the car it will take into battle in the new series. The new Gen2 EVO Audi e-tron FE07 race car features aggressive rear wings, a distinctive ‘shark fin’ behind the cockpit and a new front with exposed wheels. Aside from the visual modifications that are identically specified for all teams, the development of the powertrain remains the manufacturers’ prerogative, which means that Formula E will continue to provide an opportunity for Audi to demonstrate its expertise in electrified powertrains.

That the racing will continue to be close and exciting is a given, even if certain details of the new season will continue to be in a state of flux as the governing body continues to work around the pandemic restrictions.

At time of writing the new season is set to kick off in January next year in Santiago, Chile, before heading to Mexico City and then Saudi Arabia for two races. From there Sanya in China, Rome and Paris would all see race action before the series moves to Monaco and Seoul before moving to an as yet unspecified location for Round 10.

From there, racing is sort to go to Berlin and New York before wrapping up with two races in London, so fingers are crossed that come 2021, even if the world isn’t completely back to normal, the world of motorsport is well on the road to recovery.