For those who just can’t wait until 2026 to see Audi enter Formula 1, the latest update to EA SPORTS F1 22 game now features the brand’s F1 race car in all its glory, giving them the chance to see it in action now.

8 December, 2022

While work at Audi Sport proceeds at a rapid pace on the brand’s coming entry into Formula 1 in 2026, Audi’s Formula 1 car is already available to race as part of an update to the hugely popular EA SPORTS F1 22 game.

The official game of the FIA Formula 1 World Championship, F1 22 brings all of the excitement of the top motorsport formula to the virtual world in meticulous detail and the inclusion of Audi’s car in its spectacular launch livery is no exception. 

“It’s not a given to be a part of the official simulation of Formula 1 three years before our first race,” says Henrik Wenders, Head of Brand Audi. 

“Our show car has caused quite a stir from the very first moment with its striking design and the colour scheme that is typical of Audi in motorsport. Everywhere it has been in action, the reactions have been extremely positive. I’m convinced that our show car will also win many fans in the virtual world.”

For those versed in the online world, the inclusion of the Audi car in the EA SPORTS game is as significant as the announcement in the real world that the brand world enter Formula 1. Ending months and months of speculation, the offical announcement by the head of AUDI AG Markus Duesmann at this year’s Belgian Grand Prix was the biggest news in motorsport. With the brand’s long and distinguished motorsport history, its entry into the top formula, partnering with Swiss racing team Sauber to compete in the formula from 2026 opens up a new and exciting chapter.

Given Audi’s extraordinary success in every conceivable area of motorsport over the years, the attention on its Formula 1 campaign is already intense. Audi’s willingness to try new technologies and approaches have long made it one to watch in motorsport. Its dominance in the World Rally Championship throughout the 1980s is a perfect case in point, or its 13 victories at Le Mans in just 15 years achieving a string of technological firsts along the way.

The current Dakar campaign again illustrates Audi’s willingness to take on the toughest new challenges and succeed, so expectations are understandably high with regards the brand’s Formula 1 assault.

While the online chat has already begun amongst race fans, gamers will now be able to settle arguments with the Audi car becoming available to race online.

“There was incredible excitement when Audi announced it would be joining the F1 grid,” said Paul Jeal, F1 Senior Franchise Director at Codemasters. 

“We are excited to deliver the stunning launch livery to EA SPORTS F1 22 players as part of Podium Pass Series 4, allowing Audi to establish itself as a title contender in the virtual world ahead of its debut in 2026.”

The EA SPORTS F1 22 is available for PlayStation, Xbox and PC and also in VR on PC. The update featuring the Audi Formula 1 car is part of the ‘Podium Pass Series 4 VIP tier’ which will be available to gamers from today.