Audi At Home

New vehicle usage platform in Hong Kong puts a fleet of Audis at your service.

6 September, 2016

Audi at home

Giving residents of the luxurious Dragons Range complex in Hong Kong, access to the own fleet of Audi vehicles.

Audi has launched a trial version of its Audi at Home service in Hong Kong after successfully launching the service in the USA. The system allows residents of the Dragons’ Range luxury complex in Hong Kong to utilise a fleet of new Audi vehicles on a ‘pay by use’ system, that allows them incredible flexibility and choice in their transportation needs.

The all-inclusive service allows residents to select which model of Audi best suits their requirements fro any given trip and then book that model using their smart phone for anything from one hour to seven days. The vehicles are all located in-site and service includes all aspects of the vehicle hire, from unlimited mileage and refuelling, to insurance, servicing and maintenance of the vehicles. 

The Audi at home service was first launched in November 2015 in San Francisco, and the high-density Hong Kong market, with its emphasis very much on premium products was the perfect choice to continue the roll out of the service.

“Audi at home reflects the premium standard of our mobility services, which we are introducing into an increasing number of major cities,” says Dietmar Voggenreiter, Member of the Board of Management for Sales and Marketing at AUDI AG. “Hong Kong is the perfect location for this service. The city is a very attractive secondary residence and needs smart urban solutions.” 

As with many busy urban centres, in Hong Kong vehicle ownership carries with its own special set of challenges, where even private parking facilities can often only be acquired through a lottery system.
From now on, residents of the nearly 1,000-unit “Dragons Range” apartment complex can book their preferred Audi model by smartphone, spontaneously or by prior reservation. They are able to choose from a rich variety of models with the four rings, such as the A3 Sportback e-tron plug-in hybrid right through to the full-size Q7 luxury SUV.