Sleek, futuristic and offering a more comprehensive view of your surrounds – virtual mirrors enter the automotive mainstream.

17 June, 2020

They’ve been the stuff of science fiction and future design ‘studies’ for years, but the Audi virtual mirrors are a reality and will be available on the all-electric Audi e-tron models when they touch down in Australia in just a matter of months.

Their sleek design belies their capacity to capture more of your vehicle’s surrounds than conventional mirror and when the lights are down or the conditions are visually challenging, the virtual mirrors have your back – literally, capturing more of what is going outside and behind your Audi e-tron.

Aerodynamic design is in keeping not only with the vehicle but also the fact that as an all-electric Audi, the e-tron makes precious little noise, so the potential wind noise of conventional wing mirrors was a serious consideration and impacted the design of the virtual units.

Viewed on a high-definition screen positioned inside the vehicle just below the A-pillar, the cameras of the virtual mirror can be angled to capture exactly the field of vision that best suits the driver and with heated glass, even colder climes need not be an issue to visibility.

This is next level technology, available now and offering up a new view of the world in a vehicle that likewise, sets a new standard for mobility.

Welcome to the future.