With the motorsport world on hold for the time being, we revisit an iconic race in a milestone year for motorsport and the Audi Sport brand.

27 March, 2020

A sprint race from start to finish, covering nearly 5000 kilometres in 24 hours. The 24 Hours of Le Mans is one of the world’s most famous, hotly contested and gruelling motorsport events, that has captivated motorsport audiences since its inception in 1923. That the Audi name is synonymous with this great race is no coincidence, the brand dominating the event from 2000 until winding up its endurance racing program in 2017. 

Always a nail-biting finish, even after 24 hours of racing, each running of race is a special chapter in motorsport history. But the year 2011 was a particularly satisfying win for the Audi Sport brand – overcoming tremendous adversity and a fierce competitor in the Peugeot team. In the end, it came down to just 13 seconds.

Narrated by Jason Statham – himself an Audi enthusiast – Truth in 24 II charts this epic race year. The perfect antidote for an extended stay indoors.