Audi has an enviable reputation for creating outstanding vehicle interiors, but in a recent collaboration with Italian furniture design firm, Poliform, the brand looks at a completely new concept in vehicle interiors with an eye on how that space may change in future vehicles.

16 June, 2022

The interior of an Audi has long been a very special place – immediately recognisable by its design, quality and execution. So as the focus of design changes to prioritise interiors of the future as ‘living areas’ more so that ‘car interiors’ the brand took a different approach with a recent collaboration on a special interior for the Audi urbansphere concept.

“At Audi, we have a long history of creating mobile experiences. But people’s expectations change. That’s why we are breaking new ground with co-creation projects,” says Henrik Wenders, Head of Brand at AUDI AG. 

“Poliform is a leader on the international furniture market … for over 50 years, the company has created beautifully aesthetic interiors of the highest calibre. Audi and Poliform share the same philosophy that space should be designed to serve people and meet their needs.”

“This was an incredible opportunity for us to broaden our horizons by going beyond what constitutes a house and furniture and even rethinking the mobile interiors of what were until now considered cars,” says Marta Anzani, Marketing & Communication Manager at Poliform.

“Mobility is no longer just about getting from A to B in a vehicle. Rather, it’s an extension of our living space – a kind of lounge on wheels or travelling cocoon where we feel at home. After all, home is where we’re at ease.”

Taking the same approach Poliform brings to designing furniture items for the home and indeed even whole living spaces, the firm imagined a ‘mobile living room’ in its work on the urbansphere.

“We always strive to tune into what it is that makes personal spaces feel homely. Materials and light are instrumental to achieving that.”

“By modulating lighting in special ways, we are able to continually adjust the ambience in the mobile lounge to meet customers’ needs.”

“If desired, passengers can transform the space into a cinema, art gallery or an office with video telephony. Thanks to customisable OLED panels, you can block out certain window areas, the same way you would with curtains in a house. Accent lights point up homely accessories. To create a cosy, private cocoon, the interior’s lower trim and the glass panes above them are specially soundproofed to block out the hubbub.”

Materials too were vitally important to impart the right feeling of luxury and warmth, with Poliform embracing traditional materials for this project.

“To ensure that the interior provides a 360-degree experience, we carefully chose the highest quality materials that stimulate all the senses in pleasurable and immersive ways. Leather and cashmere accessories let you rediscover a feeling of luxury and comfort while on the move. Rather than a transitional space, this is somewhere you want to linger and enjoy home comforts to the fullest extent.”