Aside from its groundbreaking technology, the Audi urbansphere also presents a completely different design model for future mobility.

21 April, 2022

Audi has been looking at the idea of designing a vehicle from the inside out for some time. Creating a space that, thanks to autonomous driving, becomes an extension of your daily life – a place to ‘spend’ time in any number of ways, rather than simply ‘passing it’ on your way to or from your destination.

We first saw that concept in play with the Audi grandsphere concept last year, but with the unveiling this week of the Audi urbansphere concept it has been taken even further in a vehicle that was designed and built around the occupants.

To achieve this, even more usable interior space was critical and to that end, the vehicle’s physical dimensions had to be considerable to offer more interior space than any Audi previously built.

The rear seating – its comfort and flexibility is a highlight according to Norbert Weber, Head of Interior Design. This new realm of space and the addition of technology like the Audi concierge bring a new level of interaction between the passenger and the vehicle. The room and layout allows a level of comfort never seen before in a personal vehicle, and while the four occupants can enjoy this space together, the design and technology also allows for complete individual privacy as required. Four completely separate audio zones are possible, so that one passenger might be taking a business call, but their neighbour can be enjoying some relaxing music without either interrupting the other.

To allow for all this and more requires a completely new approach to inter layout and of course needs room to move. 

On the exterior, classic Audi design elements have been employed to maintain a sleek look despite the urbansphere’s considerable proportions. The steeply raked windscreen and the aluminium strip running from the A-pillar back to the deep roof spoiler, all serve to give a sleep profile and make the vehicle appear lower than it actually is. The long wheelbase and enormous 24-inch wheels and the short front and longer rear overhang, further emphasise the length which of course facilitates the cavernous interior.

As a whole, the urbansphere concept just works. The possibilities it offers for a luxurious and completely new model of mobility are limited only by the imagination.