Virtual tours

Venture into the design nerve centre at Audi without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Audi is the first manufacturer to offer online discovery tours, allowing customers and interested parties to explore the brand’s inner workings from their computer or tablet screen.

11 May, 2020

Growing tired of that jigsaw puzzle? Binge-watched your favourite TV series to the point of overdoing it? Perhaps it’s time to step out, metaphorically speaking, and immerse yourself in a virtual tour of the Audi design studios.

The ‘Insight Audi Design’ live stream has been developed for just that purpose, allowing you to visit this highly specialised area of the brand’s activities using your smartphone, PC or tablet. Get a feel for the creative process and visit the very heart of this most important of areas where the brand’s creations are born, developed and brought to life.

Audi is the first manufacturer to offer online discovery tours, this new ‘Insight Audi Design’ stream complementing the ‘Audi live at the Ingolstadt factory’ online tour which has been available to interested parties since November last year. This tour has proved tremendously popular with those looking to take part in the Audi factory tour and seeing many of the production processes in real time and with a guide to to explain exactly what is gliding and and answer questions that spring to mind.

The new live stream tour into the Audi design studios is likewise an interactive tour as opposed to a prerecorded ‘film’ of the process, complete with experienced tour guides to show you around, explain how things are done and also to answer your questions.

Conducted over a 20 minute period (depending on the wishes and interests of those participating), your guides explain how the designers work and show you how the team is developing the design language of the future.

Interested parties can choose a suitable date for ‘Insight Audi Design’ by going online and registering their interest at the official site, where they will be guided through the registration process.

The new ‘Insight Audi Design’ live stream – which is at no cost to the participant – starts with the presentation in German with an English version following, so just as in a ‘conventional’ Audi plant tour, language is no barrier. 

For more information or to register for your live stream session, go to

Audi is the first manufacturer to offer online discovery tours