Behind the scenes

Audi Australia staff pitch in to help Audi Foundation charitable partners.

A long standing tradition at Audi Australia adapts to the prevailing times, as staff lend their support to charitable partners again in 2021. 

7 December, 2021

A special zoom call allowed Audi Australia staff to send digital Christmas greetings and messages of support to children and their families for Christmas

A strong sense of community and a desire to give back have long been trademarks of those who work at Audi Australia. The Audi brand’s support of local charity organisations and initiatives dates back to the company’s earliest days in Australia, and since the instigation of the Audi Foundation in 2017, that support has only gown with the formation of long term associations with the foundation’s not-for-profit partners.

But underpinning the partnerships and programs, that same spirit of pitching in from the Audi Australia staff remains, most recently seen working with The Smith Family on their annual Toy and Book Appeal, albeit with a twist as a result of the times. While over the years, the members of the Audi family have come together to help pack Christmas gifts and deliver them to families in need, this year, as with so many other things, the format was a little different to deal with the ongoing COVID restrictions.

Although face-to-face deliveries weren’t possible in the traditional sense, that didn’t mean that children in need would miss out this year, the Smith Family providing each child who would normally have received a gift pack, with a digital gift voucher. In addition, they hosted a special zoom call that allowed Audi Australia staff to send digital Christmas greetings and messages of support to children and their families for Christmas.

Audi Australia staff also threw their support behind the recent initiative of another Audi Foundation partner, this time in a more conventional way, ‘hands on’ way. Working with kids’ cancer organisation, Camp Quality, a group of Audi Australia staffers demonstrated their organisational skills and team work putting together care package bags. These bags contain a range of useful items to help kids and their families going into to hospital after being diagnosed with cancer, and are an invaluable help in a practical and support sense to families at what is an understandably difficult and stressful time. Demonstrating the same efficiency they show at work, the eight Audi volunteers in this particular case packed more than 1000 of the care bags in a single day.

It’s all part of the psyche at Audi, and although these selfless acts form part of any regular calendar, they take on a special significance at this time of the year.