The future of mobility is changing rapidly – but that doesn't mean the pace of life has to become more hectic.

30 April, 2019

Get behind the ‘wheel’ of the Audi AI:ME, or just sit back and relax and let the car do all the work. In the cities of tomorrow the choice will be yours. Indeed, the whole ownership model could change, with specific vehicles ordered for specific trips – the vehicle ordered online for a predetermined period of time or trip.

No need to go and collect or even return the vehicle when you’ve finished with it – vehicles like the Audi AI:ME will collect you and take you to your destination or allow you to do the driving yourself.

When you’ve finished, the AI:ME will quietly return to its depot, ready for when you next need its services.

All-electric, capable of level-five autonomous driving and perfect for the world’s megacities.