On the go, the Audi e-tron models consider myriad factors to provide an accurate update on potential range, allowing you to plan each trip with maximum efficiency.

20 July, 2022

Creating a clear and accurate picture of the state of charge and the remaining range on each charge is integral to the most efficient use of the Audi e-tron. To do this, the brand’s all-electric models draw on a vast amount of data from the vehicle systems, factoring in everything from topography along the intended route when using route planning, to real time traffic updates, outside temperature and even the driver’s personal profile and driving style.

With the navigation, information such as the type of driving along the route is factored in. Does it take in highway or secondary roads and what are the speed limits along the way? Is there reported congestion up ahead that will slow progress and does the topography call for steep climbs or descents?

Individual factors such as which in-car functions are being used, like air-conditioning or the current driving mode selected in the Audi drive select all impact the range calculations, as does the consumption history which is recorded driving data that flows into the current, dynamic range calculation.