Making the most of the Audi ownership experience, the my Audi Australia portal is the perfect accompaniment to the Audi lifestyle.

6 October, 2020

An exclusive online portal design to enhance the Audi ownership experience, myAudi Australia opens up a world of experiences, offers and convenience for Audi owners. Accessed via your phone, tablet or computer through a simple login, myAudi Australia is a place to monitor and administer your personal details and all aspects or your Audi or Audis, as well as accessing news, notifications, special owner offers and a host of other benefits. 

The myAudi Australia site forms an integral part of Audi’s overarching idea of vehicle ownership – an holistic approach that recognises that buying your Audi is just the beginning of a journey, an ongoing lifestyle choice that doesn’t end when you buy your car and drive it home. 

The Audi ideal is that every aspect of owning an Audi should be as enjoyable as possible, and to that end, it was important that the myAudi Australia be not only easy and convenient, but allow owners to look after all aspects of their vehicle and interaction with their dealer and Audi Australia. 

With myAudi Australia, literally everything is placed at their finger tips and using the portal is as simple and intuitive as any other Audi vehicle system. Secure and complimentary, owners are able to personalise their login easily keep track of servicing history or finance where applicable, book a service and receive updates from their preferred dealer and from Audi Australia.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg, the portal also offers an extensive range of additional services and member benefits all designed to further enhance that overall luxury Audi experience.  

The immersive collection of Audi exclusive experiences is a perfect example of what members* can access through myAudi Australia These extraordinary events have been carefully selected to delight a wide range of tastes and interests, whether that be food, wine, sport or design. Utilising the expertise of Audi ambassadors and other experts in their respective fields, the Audi Experiences provide masterclass events that have been cleverly reimagined in a unique virtual format so that Audi owners can still enjoy these special events even while COVID-19 restrictions exist.

In addition to these clever, interactive online experiences, myAudi Australia also contains numerous special Audi partner offers – products and services that likewise compliment the Audi lifestyle.

Of course myAudi Australia also allows Audi Australia and the national dealer network to keep owners completely up-to-date with any new developments, be that to just to let them know that they have a scheduled service approaching or even make them aware of a recall alert. It removes the need to run through all of your details each time you interact with the brand and ensure that everything concerning you, your vehicle and even your preferred dealer are up-to-date. Even when you decide to look for a new Audi and need a trade-in estimate on your current vehicle, myAudi Australia makes it convenient and easy for you.

For those Audi owners not already using the myAudi portal, this is a simple addition that adds a whole new dimension to your ownership experience.

Visit myAudi Australia more information on all of its services and benefits.

*Go to myAudi Australia for terms and conditions