NSU milestone

40 years since the last NSU Ro 80 rolled off the production line.

This month marks 40 years since the last NSU Ro 80 – the last ever NSU product was produced.

7 March, 2017

End of an era for NSU

It was 40 years ago in March 1977 that the last car bearing the famous NSU name was produced at the Audi NSU plant in Neckarsulm. At the time, the bulk of the plant’s capacity was being used for the production of the Audi 100, so the decision was made to cease production of the plucky little NSU Ro 80.

Over its production life, some 37,374 examples of the NSU Ro 80 were produced, its rotary piston engine setting it apart from others vehicles of the time.

The final example of the model and indeed the last NSU product to be produced was donated to the Deutsche Museum in Munich.