Plug in downstairs and then head upstairs to the lounge – the Audi Charging Hub concept aims to  make vehicle charging a premium and productive experience for all.

17 September, 2021

Although just a pilot project at this stage, as part of the brand’s holistic approach to e-mobility, Audi is a trialing a new concept in charging with the Audi Charging Hub and moveable charging ‘cubes’ that can be placed just about anywhere. Repurposing old batteries, the movable cubes or hubs provide multiple charging stations for vehicles wherever there is a suitable flat surface and access to the existing power grid, and there is even the ability to create a modular complex with a custom built lounge area over the top. Here, in its premium surrounds, customers can relax or get some work done while their vehicle charges below, making best use of their time in luxurious surroundings.

Cubes form the foundation of the Audi charging hub. The flexible container cubes fulfill various technical requirements and house charging pillars as well as used lithium-ion batteries for energy storage. The use of second-life modules from disassembled development vehicles doesn’t just give the battery cells a new, sustainable purpose – it also provides a great benefit in their suitability as ancillary storage for direct current. This makes complex infrastructure with high-voltage lines and expensive transformers unnecessary.

Thanks to this huge interim storage – roughly 2.45 Mwh – the six charging stations, which have a charging output of up to 300kW, only need a standard 400 volt high-voltage hook-up. That makes output starting at 11kW per cube sufficient to be able to fill the three storage modules with a total capacity of 2.45 MWh continually and to charge them overnight. Photovoltaic modules on the roof provide additional green energy. This not only makes it easier to select possible locations, it also reduces the planning time required and the costs while also saving resources. In addition, the modular concept provides maximum flexibility and scalability.

Taking the power cube concept even further, it will be possible to add on additional functions to supplement the cube, be that an additional battery storage unit or even the lounge as is the case with the Audi charging hub being presented in 

The Hub concept will use a reservation system to allow customers to arrive at the allotted time and plug in without having to wait, even at peak times, and the facility will be open to the public, regardless of the type of electric vehicle they drive.

At present there is nothing like it according to Ralph Hollmig, Project Lead, Audi charging hub. Here, the 250 square metres of usable space in the lounge becomes a home away from home or indeed an office on the go, making charging your vehicle a premium experience and a valuable use of time into the bargain.