Audi and Candide Thovex team up again for another ski spectacular with a difference.

22 August, 2019

Admired by countless fans right around the world, Candide Thovex also has plenty of detractors – essentially those who can’t ski very well and think he’s a show off.

In this, the third instalment of him showing just how certain sequences in the Ski The World film were done, Thovex demonstrates his prowess skiing on waves. Now he could risk angering a whole new legion of people – namely those who can’t surf very well – by carving it up on wave after wave on snow skis, but frankly, he’s just so talented it’s pretty much impossible not to be impressed.

The various sequences were filmed at a number of wave-making locations – Wavegarden in Spain and Surf Snowdonia in Wales – and show how the French genius was able to pull off moves that even a pro surfer would need to work on.

Of course Candide isn’t the first to try to mix skis with wave riding, but just a look at some of the techniques not just in these sequences but in some of the other work he has produced with Audi, is enough to convince the most ardent skeptic that he is a once in a lifetime talent.