Few places shine the light on the whole concept of ‘Vorsrung’ better than motorsport – and no one knows that better than nine time Le Mans winner, Tom Kristensen.

9 July, 2021

Motorsport. It is the ultimate testing ground, where a fraction of a second can mean the difference between winning and losing. Where innovation is as important as raw talent and where ideas are fast tracked – literally – as a matter of necessity.

It is in fact the perfect example of Vorsprung durch Technik (Advancement through technology) and there are few who know this better than Tom Kristensen.

A living motorsport legend, the Danish driver is affectionately known the world over as Mr Le Mans, the only driver to win the world’s toughest endurance race, the 24 Hours of Le Mans, a staggering nine times. In addition he has stamped his authority on all manner of other driving disciplines and is recognised as one of the greatest drivers of the modern era.

For Kristensen, Vorsprung has been an integral part of his life and career, driving with Audi and literally putting groundbreaking technologies to the test in the cauldron of motorsport competition.

Whether it be quattro, TFSI, Matrix LED lighting right through to the original introduction of e-tron into the hybrid drive Audi Sport cards at Le Mans, motorsport has accelerated progress (no pun intended) and continues to pressure test technologies that will ultimately find their way onto the roads in series production vehicles.

The speed of progress in motorsport is nothing short of inspiring, from the tremendous advancement throughout Audi’s dominant Le Mans campaigns to most recently with Formula E and the incredible developments in just seven seasons.

“It’s incredible progress in just a few years,” says Kristensen of Formula E, “and that shows again what motorsport can do.”

The one constant over the years is progress and always wanting to do that little bit better says Kristensen.

“And this is what I have lived for so many years. And I have lived it no better place than at Audi,” he says.

“I’m incredibly proud, privileged and happy to have been part of this journey.