Long before Chris Evans made his name worldwide as Captain American, the actor was developing a deep love for all things automotive that remains to this day.

Nadia Riaz-Ahmed

15 April, 2024

Known the world over for his portrayal of Captain America in the hugely success Marvel series of films, Chris Evans is also a well-established producer and director – and car buff. Audi caught up with the American actor to learn his views on cars, e-mobility and the future of personal travel.

It’s all about a feeling of ‘power, freedom, comfort, and independence’ that comes with starting a car, says actor, director and producer, Chris Evans.

“I love driving. It’s truly one of my favourite activities. And I’ve always loved going fast,” says the on-screen superhero. 

“For me, cars represent the perfect blend of form and function. A vehicle with an elevated design that also offers the thrill of speed – that is right up my alley. Also, being behind the wheel is a perfect place for a sort of meditative reflection. While there’s a job to do that requires focus, it also allows me to allocate a portion of my thoughts to a more relaxed state. And after a good long drive, I always feel refreshed.” 

The changing face of motoring though is not something that concerns Evans, rather it’s something he finds exciting. As a car enthusiast, even the absence of an exhaust note in modern electric cars is nothing something that concerns him.
“I think for some people this might be the case because it’s all we’ve known. In this new landscape, as we transition to electric vehicles, the thrill of everything that is associated with conventional combustion, will be replaced with the sense of satisfaction, responsibility, duty, purpose and meaning,” he says.
“What I find most fascinating about electric vehicles is that the pace of their evolution is remarkable. It’s an exciting time to be a car enthusiast.”
The new Audi Q6 e-tron is a perfect case in point, based as it is on the brand’s new PPE architecture which opens up a whole new world of possibility for all-electric models into the future. Its abundance of additional technological offerings for passengers though is as appealing to Evans as the whole driving proposition.

“The ability to enjoy entertainment at that level in your car is something that’s new and special. I'm definitely a fan of the high-quality screen in the passenger area. It’s amazing to watch films while on the go. This feature elevates the riding experience when I'm in the passenger seat.”

Of course Evans prefers to be in the driver’s seat and as a convert to electric vehicles, that’s a good place to be he says. It also comes with a feeling of doing the right thing while still enjoying an engaging automotive experience.

“I believe it’s essential to recognise that we all have a role to play, and everyone must contribute, whether in big or small ways,” he says of his choice to go electric.

“This is one reason why I love electric vehicles – if you’ll be driving a car anyway, why not choose one that leaves a smaller environmental impact?”