The first model to be built using the Premium Platform Electric, the Q6 e-tron represents a significant development for the brand now and into the future – Audi designer Philipp Römers looks at the design highlights of the of the next generation of Audi e-mobility.

21 March, 2024

A perfect marriage of practicality and aesthetics, the new Q6 e-tron further refines the Audi design language in this next generation of all-electric mobility. Elements of the original Audi e-tron models are evident, but there is a new presence and treatment of different design details that set the Q6 e-tron apart and give it its own distinctive look and feel.

From the completely new front headlight and separate daytime running light design, to the evolution of the Singeframe grille to the subtly tapering rear end, the Q6 e-tron brings a new feel and execution to the brand’s all-electric ranks without a jarring departure form familiar Audi design conventions.

Riding on large 18-inch wheels as standard up to 20-inch variants available as options, and sporting ‘real’ SUV proportions, the Q6 e-tron represents a no compromise SUV experience that balances appealing aesthetics with generous dimensions for passengers and  equipment alike. The rear-biased position of the cabin speaks to the sporty feel of the design, further accentuated by design elements reminiscent of the e-tron GT, that highlight the wheel arches, says Audi designer Philipp Römers.

In keeping with the brand’s design ethos, subtlety is the key, with every element carefully considered and executed to produce a cohesive design that is both elegant and sporty, without trying to be different just for the sake of it. The effect speaks for itself in a vehicle that, even from a distance, is obviously an Audi in every respect.