Celebrating the outstanding achievements of extraordinary women from all areas of life – the 11th InStyle and Audi Women of Style Award once again clearly demonstrated that Australia is rich with inspirational women.

24 May, 2019

The theme for the 11th annual InStyle and Audi Women of Style Awards was ‘The Future Shapers’ and those recognised for their outstanding achievements across a diverse range of fields certainly fitted the bill. 

From all walks of life, from varying disciplines and bringing their own experiences, dreams and aspirations, once again it was a night of celebration and inspiration and one that demonstrated without a doubt that the future looks to be in very safe hands.

Although the night centred around celebrating 10 honourees in particular, there was no shortage of inspiring, visionary and extraordinary women present at the awards for what has become one of the most important nights on the Australian calendar. 

Emceeing the evening at Sydney's Bar M, news anchor and Audi ambassador, Melissa Doyle welcomed guests that included everyone from actors to politicians, designers to scientists, sports women to philanthropists and every conceivable field of endeavour in between. These women represent the great diversity of Australia and those whose work in shapes and will continue to shape the communities and indeed country we live in.

Speaking on the night, Nikki Warburton, Chief Marketing Officer at Audi Australia summed it up: 

“It’s such a wonderful celebration of some incredible women: those awarded tonight, those who have achieved amazing success so far and those who show such extraordinary potential in their years ahead.”

There was no shortage of celebrity present on the night, but one of the many things that marks the InStyle and Audi Women of Style Awards as something particularly special is the fact that they are not a popularity contest and not every honouree is a household name. Rather those recognised for their contribution to their respective fields and indeed many of those present on the night are not known outside their sphere of influence but they are all driven to succeed for their own very different reasons.

The honourees covered a wide spectrum of women. There was The Modern Rebel, actress Celeste Barber, The Sustainability Champion, Palisa Anderson and The New-New-Get Innovator, Macinley Butson who also received the Judges Award on the night.

Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning were named The Style Vanguard while Caitlin Figueiredo was honoured as The Force for Good, Anika Molesworth The Farmer of Change and Kate Morris The Online Entrepreneur.

Khadija Gbla was recognised as The Advocate for Acceptance, Miranda Tapsell was named The Spirited Storyteller and The Voice of Now, Amy Shark also performed on the night.

Ten very different recipients with very different backgrounds, life experiences and visions but sharing a common bond of excellence. This is what lies at the very core of the InStyle and Audi Women of Style Awards and once again the awards highlighted the great depth and talent Australian women demonstrate daily right across the board.

“Like the spirit of all of the women in this room, no matter what stage of our life or career … we all have the opportunity to be the Future Shapers,” said Nikki Warburton.

“Congratulations to all of those awarded tonight, I wish all of you the best in shaping your own share of our future.”