Sustainable materials and high fashion make perfect sense when they work together, says Stella McCartney, who not only draws inspiration from the natural world, but actively seeks to protect it for the long term.

3 June, 2021

“When you take the technologies of tomorrow and combine them with creativity from today there’s magic to be had,” says Stella McCartney of an approach to high fashion that breaks from tradition and embraces new ways of doing things and a whole new mindset.

“I think environmentalism is the future not only of fashion but probably of everything, if we’re lucky.”

But it is not only in the world of high fashion that sustainable materials are making a tremendous impact, but also in the automotive world. Released earlier this year, the Audi brand’s new flagship, the groundbreaking Audi e-tron GT, true to its progressive credentials offers customers the option of an interior that utilises materials made from recycled materials – but maintaining the premium feel of the vehicle.

Customers are able to choose between a combination of artificial leather and the Kaskade material or a mixture of artificial leather and a microfibre material called Dinamica. 

The new Audi A3 Sportback too, offer this option of up-cycled and sustainable materials, which sees PET bottles turned from a waste product into a fine thread and ultimately reborn as an attractive, premium seat covering.